Sunday, August 20, 2006

Back with a bang..

buddies, sorry for a long long gap.. with say abt 100 days to the Ashes trophy, I realised the other day that Cat Exam is less than 100 days now.. would start blogging my prep towards it. Guys, the completion of the previous post Dog-o-Phobia is idefinitely postponed now.. enthu on that topic has disappeared...
By the way, had mock 0711 at Time center.. have checked the answers still.. i guess will end up with 80 percentiles this time..

Sunday, April 23, 2006


this post is about an incident that happened to me couple of days back at around @ 11:45 pm, the day i had enjoyed my evening at MGM beach resorts(Mentioned in my previous post).
i reached office at half past 9 to take my cycle key to get back to home. when i was about to leave, saw a mail from one of my close buddies. so started mailing him back and later was browsing through Orkut and time was flying away parallely before i realised that it was way past 11. then i started back to home with my cycle. the street i live in, is usually ruled by stray dogs after 10 pm and that day was no different.
(To be Continued..)

Friday, April 21, 2006

A evening at MGM beach resorts..

Work stressed IT people need enjoyment and refreshment of mind to rejenuvate quite often to keep their enthu at work going. this is the most commom Funda found in most of the IT companys. The other hidden reason behind the concept of celebration is Interaction and the other is they have humpty amount of money :) and they dont know what to do with it...
In the same way here from our team @ iNautix we got to go to MGM Beach resorts this evening and we were little less than 50 people. after reaching there at abt half past 4, we had cricket as usual for abt 1.5 hrs, and my weakness in batting got exposed.. and then little of football. When the light became a factor of unfeasibilty to play further, we all assembled in a room to have some fun by playing team games. For this Mgm visit, i was put in the Volunteer grp, owing to my loud rough voice, apt for conducting the games, So i could not able and had to take pains in preparing for the games that other people have to play! This has never happened in my life before... Coming back we had icebreaking games initially where each person in the team was given a activity to do. the we had a game called ballon bursting, where all the team members were asked to blow as many ballons and burst then by hitting them on other team mates head in the given time duration time. later was game of decorating the team representative with all that waste materials that were possible things like paper, ballons, powder, bindhi, kajhal and .... Next was the most attractive part of the evening, Dinner in Buffet format. A good dinner, though was not very great, but better than the usual 3 chappathis every night.
All together, it was a good evening with some fun!!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I ALWAYS need some MORE....

I was once sitting at my desk cotemplating at my attitude towards my work place...
It goes Like this...
When will be i satisfied ? say i am given a renumeration of 5 lpa, I need some more.. i get 10 lpa (Lakhs per annum), then too I need some more that because my school mate is getting x times more than that... if i get 100 lpa, the guy from from IIM-A is getting more than me at smaller age than me.. the never satisfaction attitude today money is not only a phobia for me but for most of people from street dwellers to CEO and CIO.
When i am bankcrupt, I would say i would have been happy if i had enough money to meet my basic needs.. Once i am to that limit, i would say i would be happy saying if could eat at Food world, PIzza hut or some royal restaurant at least once a month , then once a week, later once a day.. there is no limit.. say I am the richest person on earth, my next target would be i lack happiness because of so and so reasons.. the list that I write to make myself happy at any point of my life would be never ending.. everything towards Money, Fame, Power. all these three in some order or the other.
On top of this, coming to the savings attitude, which is been with the Indian BLOOD for ages (I am not responsible :), blame my ancestors), say I have more than enough to spend and get to save considerable amount, even after i would feel if i have saved so much cost in some activity, i could have saved some more...
Come on... Remember how much ever U earn, how much ever U save, some day u are already marked to leave this earth, that day u can even take a Single paise with u.. all the money is going to go to somebody's hand and U cant have any control in what they are going to do with that money or in what activity they are going to spend..
So instead of saving lots and lots of money, Start spending.. Help India's Economy grow by increasing the rotation of Money for un-evil activities...

What is the Cure for all this?? When do u get Job Satisfaction?? When am I going to humbly say that i am happy with what i have..

Come on.. this World has lots to discover.. Discover the beauty of the world... Instead of Mere Comtemplation.. Enjoy life to the fullest!!

Though i write abt this attitude of mine, and feel bad about it, I am sure I cant Change much, even after making a concious effort.. Guys, help me to relive from this PHOBIA....

Friday, March 31, 2006

When am I goign to prove myself??

i am wretched.. i am hopeless abt me.. what should i do?? i amnt able to achive anything.. i am screwing myself too much..i amnt knowing my capablities..
Oh.. God what is happening to me.. its 3 months i have joined Time Center and just another 2 months for the Mocks to start and havent gone through with 10 % of my preperations.
Where is this going to end..
I amnt been very hard working in office too.. what is happening to me.... the only thing i can do is curse myself.. I accept that everyday i do sit with books in the name of Studying but distractions are unstoppable, out of my control...For how many years will i be living on just perpetuating TIFR memories...
When will i prove my schoolmates and other college mates that "their assumptions abt my TIFR entry" are wrong and i am capable enough to achive on my own efforts. the day is not long..
The full stop for all these questions is going to come in another 2 months time, given the dedication, and seriousness.